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Property Maintenance


We supply products from quality sources and companies such as Manthorpe Building Products

JJC Domistic Roofing

We carry out all types of roof repairs.

Removing the ridge tiles and cleaning all the old mortar out

The mortar is cracked and crumbling due to the weather

Re-pointing and resetting the ridge tiles with new mortar

Dry Verge:
JJC Contractors Ltd are experts in fitting Dry Verge Systems and can guarantee your roof and home will be vastly improved with reduced maintenance costs as a result of getting us to fit a Dry Verge System for your roof.

The number of storms battering the UK is on the increase and there is a growing realisation of the unreliability of using mortar to secure areas of the roof such as the verge.
The Dry Verge Tile System:
Has been designed to be a cost effective alternative that avoids all of the long term maintenance problems of mortar bedding.
Secures tiles to the roof whilst preventing wind uplift and providing resistance to water penetration.
Requires no wet trade and can be quickly and easily installed mechanically come rain or shine.

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Dry Ridge:
Dry Ridge Systems offer a number of advantages over the traditional method of mortar bedding, which includes:
Allows all-weather laying and fixing
Essentially maintenance-free

Overcomes problems associated with mortar such as cracking and loss of ridges in high winds
Provides full mechanical fixing of all components to resist highest wind speeds ever likely to occur
Provides continuous ventilation at the ridge – this is particularly useful in many modern buildings where the use of insulation between or above the rafter precludes the use of traditional ridge vents
Provides a consistent attractive finish